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IT Should Be Complex, Not Complicated

By ossia | 25th November 2019

Have you ever asked an IT person about an issue you’re having, only to be bombarded by seemingly random acronyms and looping, laborious caveats? Have you ever, while being bombarded with said acronyms had the thought: surely things can’t be that complicated. We’re tricked into blaming ourselves for not understanding or making sense of it. […]

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The Cost Of Cutting IT Costs

By ossia | 9th October 2019

We’re strange creatures, aren’t we? However rational we try to be, we make all sorts of illogical financial decisions. And while you might be nodding your head, thinking of the ‘mental accounting’ you do on a night out, it’s worth pointing that we’re not much better in business mode. Sure, we have stricter financial rules […]

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What Does Digital Transformation Really Mean?

By ossia | 25th September 2019

Digital transformation has become something of a buzz phrase in the business world. Everybody seems to be in the middle of one. And while there is good reason for this sometimes frantic enthusiasm, anytime a phrase becomes so heavily leaned upon at businesses conferences and in ‘thought leadership’ articles, it’s worth treating it with a […]

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The Case For Working Remotely (And How To Make It Work!)

By ossia | 2nd August 2019

According to one report, 53% of employees in the UK feel their employers aren’t doing enough to enable remote working. Now, there are plenty of good reasons why this might be the case. From the difficulty of creating a ‘team mentality’ from differing locations to the slightly more gristly issue of whether they’ll actually get […]

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Common IT Concerns For SMEs

By Toby Mcinnis | 10th July 2019

Technology appears to cause a unique amount of headaches. While we all pay lip service to the transformative effect and powerful potential IT had and has, it’s hard not to get the sense an awful lot of business leaders secretly wish it’d never happened. This counts double for SMEs, whose relative lack of financial firepower […]

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What They Won’t Tell You About Tech

By Toby Mcinnis | 22nd June 2019

There is no point denying it: businesses require IT to keep up. Whether it is saving time and effort or having access to cutting-edge resources, being capable of utilising tech is non-negotiable for a modern company. And beyond that, large chunks of our personal lives and even international infrastructure rely on inscrutably complex digital procedures. […]

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Alignment Is Everything In IT

By ossia | 16th May 2019

Every business is a bit like an organism. Regardless of the sector and market, a business needs to function in a healthy, unified way in order to have any hope at success. That means each part of the business needs to talk to the others and share a common understanding of the values and vision […]

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The Beauty Of Thinking Small In IT

By Toby Mcinnis | 10th April 2019

Reconsidering the commonsense behind big IT departments and bringing the drawbacks to scaling up into light…

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Five Reasons To Outsource Your IT

By Toby Mcinnis | 3rd March 2019

As more time is spent dealing with digital, IT support is increasingly in-house. But is that really efficient?

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